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The Poet Laureate of Radio: An Interview with Norman Corwin (feature documentary)

Known as “the Poet Laureate of Radio,” Norman Corwin is perhaps the greatest writer-producer-director the Golden Age of Radio ever produced. Beginning his career as a newspaperman, Corwin brought a unique perspective to his writing. His plays ran the gamut from light and whimsical to dark and introspective. He had the eye of a reporter and the soul of a poet. He was, quite simply, the master of the art form. His 1945 magus opus, On A Note of Triumph, has been called the single greatest radio broadcast of the twentieth century.

In late 2004, radio legend Norman Corwin sat down for a two-hour interview with filmmaker Michael James Kacey at The Culver Studios in Culver City, CA. Originally conceived as one of many interview subjects for the documentary film Radio Changed America, this session so impressed Mr. Corwin that he requested that the interview be presented to the general public. Anthracite Films released the 76-minute film in 2006 and garnered a favorable review by movie critic Leonard Maltin. This project marked the beginning of a close relationship between Michael James Kacey and Norman Corwin that continued until Mr. Corwin’s death in 2011 at age 101.



“The Poet Laureate of Radio: An Interview with Norman Corwin”

Music Sonia Wisgo

Cinematography Cameron Cutler

Dave Sanford & Christopher deLiz

Directed And Edited
Michael James Kacey