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Norman Lloyd adds his voice

September 15, 2014 brought us the wonderful opportunity to sit with actor-director-producer, 100-year-old Norman Lloyd. He is best remembered for his role as Dr. Auschlander in the television series St. Elsewhere (1982-1988) and his role in Dead Poets Society (1989). Norman Lloyd was also a member of Orson Welles’ theatrical company The Mercury Theater in the late 1930s. He moved west with Welles and company as he prepped his first movie Heart of Darkness. The film never came to fruition. Norman returned east and Welles settled on Citizen Kane as his debut film. Norman did return to Hollywood in 1942 to play the role of the Nazi saboteur in Alfred Hitchcock’s film Saboteur.

We sat and discussed his radio recollections, most notably in Norman Corwin’s classic The Undecided Molecule in 1945. (He later recreated the same role in 2011 as part of a recreation performed in Los Angeles and with 101-year-old Norman Corwin in the audience).

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 7.35.14 PMNorman also recalled the dark times caused by the Blacklist. He lost work until Alfred Hitchcock brought him on board to help produce the television series Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Norman also recalled his close friendship with Charlie Chaplin and discussed Chaplin’s vilification by the Anti-Communist witch hunters leading to Chaplin forsaking America for good.

It was a grand interview with a grand man.