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Daybreak: Day by Day (105 minute DVD bonus version dissecting the making of Daybreak)

Daybreak-Day-Day-BannerpgOn the DVD release of Daybreak, filmmaker Michael James Kacey added something never done before:  in addition to the usual audio commentary and deleted scenes, he created a full-length bonus feature film called Daybreak: Day by Day. This 105-minute version of the movie shows all of the scenes presented in the order they were shot with a dedicated commentary by Michael James Kacey narrating the day by day making of his first film. Order Here



A Great not-so-wonderful-life movie!

There is so little separating the movie’s world from your own—even if you’re living in a mansion—that you feel the pains and exasperations the characters are feeling, and as much of a downer as the movie becomes, it is also an invigoration, putting you in touch with yourself and your relationships the way very few glossier films could hope to.

There is, however, an additional and exceptional special feature that makes the DVD even more worthwhile. …Kacey’s blow-by-blow description of the adventures he had rallying his troupe and coping with the inevitable cascade of crises is, in effect, a second movie, a ‘how to’ film about film production.

Doug Pratt

Daybreak … presents a fantastical premise in a completely plausible manner, and draws a great deal of strength from its uniformly excellent cast.

The Extras:
Consisting of more material than most mainstream releases receive…

Daybreak: Day to Day. It’s an intriguing way to view the final product, and the alternative narrative track really acts as an informative, illustrative how-to testament. … you’ve got a compelling collection of bonus features.

Michael James Kacey’s earnest effort deserves a rating of Recommended. In fact, for the information packed in the DVD itself, this title would be a worthy companion piece to any would-be filmmaker’s frame of reference.

Bill Gibron