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Hearing Voices: Modulating a Revolution (in production)
Documentary, 100 minutes

Logline: Hearing Voices explores the polarization of our society and the potentially harmful effect on the Internet resulting from the deregulation of broadcasting.

Cast: Larry King, Art Linkletter, Norman Corwin, Malkia Cyril, Frankie Ross, Sandra Peña, Norman Lloyd, Marc Fisher and Marsha Hunt.

Crew: Michael James Kacey (Director); Dave Sanford (Producer); Mandisa Henry (Co-Producer); Cameron Cutler (Cinematographer); Lindsay Jones (Composer)


The Poet Laureate of Radio: An Interview with Norman Corwin (2006

Documentary, 76 minutes

Logline: Known as the Poet Laureate of Radio, Norman Corwin is the greatest writer-producer-director from the Golden Age of Radio. Corwin’s insights range from his earliest recollections of radio to topics such as fascism, the obligation of an artist, the art of directing, and even William Shatner.

Cast: Norman Corwin

Crew: Michael James Kacey (Director); Christopher deLiz (Producer); Dave Sanford (Producer); Cameron Cutler (Cinematographer); Sonia Wisgo (Composer)



Daybreak (2001)

Drama, 90 minutes

Logline: Daybreak explores what happens when a man’s wish to change his past destroys his present and future.

Cast: Paul Clemens; Debra Henri; Jeff Bergquist

Crew: Michael James Kacey (Writer-Director-Producer); Christopher deLiz (Co-Producer); David Kelmachter (Co-Producer); Anthony H. Cisco (Co-Producer); Page Ostrow (Co-Producer); Cameron Cutler (Cinematographer); Sonia Wisgo (Composer)